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Material Evidence: High anxiety at The Collection

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Visitors to The Collection in Lincoln this autumn are invited to imagine themselves as archaeologists of the future, looking back at today’s contemporary art as evidence of a global or individual disaster.

Material Evidence focuses on our anxieties in the 21st Century; anxieties arising from issues such as terrorism, global politics, our relationship with technology and the environment or the frailty of human nature. Some artists confront the issues with humour, whilst others present a bleak vision of personal pain or disintegrating culture.

The nature of the disaster or anxiety is not always obvious. It is up to the viewer to create their own interpretations, just as archaeologists use fragments of long-forgotten cultures to piece together a detailed picture of the past.

Works by Jordan Baseman, Marion Coutts, Ian Dawson, Paul Finnegan, Gregory Green, Mona Hatoum, Roger Hiorns, Stephen Hughes, John Isaacs, Darren Lago, Jim Lambie, Michael Landy, Adam McEwen, Cornelia Parker, Marc Quinn and Rebecca Warren have been chosen for the show from the Arts Council Collection.

The show has been curated by The Collection, Lincoln participating in the Arts Council Collection’s innovative ‘Select’ programme.

poet Deborah Tyler-Bennett has written the exhibition’s introduction, her personal interpretation of the show’s ideas and images. The show has been curated by The Collection, Lincoln participating in the Arts Council Collection’s ‘Select’ programme.

For more information and high-resolution images contact Maggie Warren, Community Engagement Officer, The Collection. 01522 550957

Select is the Arts Council Collection’s innovative programme that invites galleries and museums to select exhibitions and displays drawn exclusively from its collection, the largest national loan collection of modern and contemporary British art.

Along with Gillian Spraggs, Deborah-Tyler Bennett is the co-author of the Victoria and Albert Museum’s creative writing web-package ( She regularly performs her poetry, as well as taking writing workshops in schools colleges, bars, art galleries and museums.

Deborah Tyler-Bennett, a nationally and internationally published poet is based in the East Midlands.  Deborah has over 400 poems and short fictions published in anthologies, reviews, and journals in the UK and internationally. Her first collection was Clarke Gable in Mansfield (Kings England, 2003).

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October 16, 2008 at 3:53 pm

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